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Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action, a service, and example.

It is the duty of the President to see objectively the dynamics of the transpersonal movement in the world (to feel the whole «field»), to assess the problems, interconnections and opportunities, and to develop the organization in a modern way.

Transpersonal is spiritual connectedness to a larger sense of being and “Recognition of the sacred”

From now on and with what we are living, our organization will generate a profound change and rethinking of its activity and actions.

During these last year’s we, in our Board have been able to be good administrators in the field of certifications of institutes, professionals and attracting new members, also in the area of organizing events, congresses and symposiums.

The task of the President is to present EUROTAS and its values to other organizations and the general public. The President has to be also the ambassador or minister of foreign affairs.

Within EUROTAS the President is an equal among equals and makes sure the rules are kept and respected and decisions are made as a majority vote.

The basic aims of the presidency for the next 3 years would be:

To develop a social program based in the solidarity, recovering the original spirit or essence of Eurotas, from the founders as Rumold Moll and Ank Van Gulik helping Eastern Countries, from now on, in our opinion the next crucial step is to dedicate ourselves to create a strategy for inclusion and reducing social inequality in our planet.

Helping Transpersonal Associations more needed of our support to develop and growing over the word and putting the focus of attention on a concrete and defined social and solidary project. Creating together collectively an appropriate strategy.

To reach a wider audience and create an awareness what transpersonal is. (Stanislav Grof in Prague conference said that the transpersonal movement has failed by not reaching the mainstream and remaining as a non-mainstream organization. We cannot reach the mainstream by using only scientific language. EUROTAS will be working towards presenting the transpersonal and spiritual to share transpersonal field with wider audience on more popular language.

To support the transpersonal research work. To create a line and methodology transpersonal. To provide more information about transpersonal research to interested people in society, to develop special scientific research methodology. To design research program on the study of human development and creativity.

To develop the existing departments and activities and create new.

To support ITJ, publications,

Improve website.

To pay more attention to the transpersonal values in Eastern and Central Europe as well over the world. To identify and highlight the ancient healing methods, traditions, rituals, sacred places in nature, healers and contemporary transpersonal trainers being active in the Eastern part of Europe, but not fully known in the Western part.

To address current social, economic and concerns. To support and encourage social involvement that will respond to current global affairs.

EUROTAS needs to change his name because it is widely in the world, is not located in any continent, is not more a European Association.

To continue developing EUROTAS as a more global organization that extends beyond the boundaries of Europe.

To develop transcultural and transcontinental dimension, as Central Asia, Middle East, North of Africa, Islamic countries, Latin America, Canada, Oceania, China, Korea, etc. most of them with still open conversations.

To design research program on the study of human development and creativity.

How we would like to see EUROTAS in common

– Social friendly, non-ego oriented; The president is at service of board and not the opposite.

– Promoting transpersonal education and indigenous knowledge.

– Solidarity and working against the current African ethnocide

Manifesto of anti-racism created!!!;

– Multidisciplinary, more professions represented – coaching, anthropology, medicine, philosophy, art etc.;

– Membership or cooperation with UNESCO with other World Organizations;

– A special new membership developed – Honoring Shamans and a kind of big contributions to transpersonal as Yoga, Tao, Zen masters etc. Honoring by a ritual offering a symbolic gift. Board members democratically looking for Advisors (specialists from all the world), with special experience or competences.

Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres

Barcelona, August 28th ,2020

The European Transpersonal Association

EUROTAS es la única asociación Transpersonal de ámbito Europeo, y su origen se remonta al año 1984. Se funda durante la Primera Conferencia Europea Transpersonal celebrada en Bruselas, organizada por la asociación Transpersonal de Bélgica, y liderada por un grupo variado de profesionales, tanto del ámbito de la salud, como de la ciencia y la espiritualidad.

Con el objetivo de difundir, debatir e investigar el fenómeno Transpersonal en todas sus facetas, EUROTAS incluye entre sus miembros a las diferentes asociaciones Transpersonales europeas, y también a personas a título individual. Como garantía de rigor profesional, se ha creado una certificación Europea de psicoterapia Transpersonal, así como una certificación de formación homologada para centros e institutos.

Hoy en día, cuenta con miembros de 25 países diferentes, funcionando como una red profesional de comunicación e investigación. Anualmente se organiza una conferencia a nivel internacional en uno de estos países, coordinada por la Asociación Transpersonal representante del mismo. El año 2008 l’ Associació Catalana Transpersonal tuvo el honor de coordinar la X Conferencia Europea Transpersonal que tuvo lugar en Barcelona.

EUROTAS combina el rigor científico y espiritual con las oportunidades de cooperación, beneficio mutuo, intercambio y amistad.

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