Holotropic Stage. Transpersonal Breathing

Holotropic Stage. Transpersonal Breathing

Holotropic Breathing by Stanislav Grof




Connection with the body

Expansion of consciousness

It activates the fantastic healing power of the expanded states of consciousness and integrates the different planes of human consciousness.

Associated with other therapeutic techniques, it synthesizes ancient spiritual traditions and universal symbolism with the most recent discoveries about the functioning of the brain.
According to Stanislav Grof the Holotropic Breathing causes a "spontaneous therapeutic activity" and according to the psychotherapist Bernadette Blin, "hyperventilation allows to surrender to the inner healer and explore the realms of the unconscious"
Often used as a complementary therapy in psychotherapy, Holotropic breathing is effective against:

· Traumatic neurosis (Traumas of the past)

· The Depression

· Anxiety and anguish

· Phobias

· Migraine

· Asthma

· And more...

Although the approach is global and the impact is holistic, the aforementioned symptoms disappear as a result of therapy.

About the Transpersonal Stage …

After the arrival at Cal Massot de Belianes and after settling in the respective rooms, we will start with the Opening Ritual and the informal presentation of the group.

Next, we will make a meditation of Consciousness-Presence and Body Work of preparation with a touch of Animasophía term coined by Gabriel Jaraba, and a set of activities that we titled “Breaking Masks”. After a break, we will begin to prepare the Holotropic Breathing: formation of the pairs to breathe and attribution of the different roles. Half of the group will breathe on day 1 and the other half on day 2. After lunch, we will begin the first of the Holotropic Breathing sessions. And after a dinner we will continue with the first integration session.

The next day, after breakfast, the second Holotropic Breathing session will be held, and after eating, the second integration session. That will end with the Closing Ritual: a closing exercise that will allow us to seal an intense and transforming weekend.



Arrival and informal presentation of the group

Guided Meditation

Presentation of the group

Works prior to Holotropic Breathing: Consciousness- Presence, breaking masks ..

Holotropic respiration



Guided Meditation

Second turn of Holotropic Breathing


Closing Ritual

In charge of Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres

Price: 195 €

Workshop and Stay included.

Registration: Caixa d ‘enginyers a nom: by Magdalena Solé Galofre

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