Shamanic Activation and Coaching

Shamanic Activation and Coaching

Two essential topics: shamanism and coaching. We will bring them together and you will learn to develop techniques which will enable you to apply the secrets of shamanism to your daily life. I call this: Transpersonal Intuitive Coaching. More and more, intuition could become your main way of thinking.

Shamanic traditions are rich in rituals, some of them with a particular emphasis on imagery. Often you can trust your inner images more than your words, and by cultivating your world of imagery you will get access to a very specific level of your consciousness.

Through your experiences in the training, you will find it easier to face personal difficulties in a fruitful way. By learning to act more and more from this intuitive level of consciousness you might feel more successful and healthy in all areas of your life, in your family, personal relationships and in different scenarios at your workplace. This in turn might allow you to promote a more affectionate attitude towards the world and towards your own emotions,

feelings and passions.

This work is more concerned with opening possibilities than with finding fixed answers to problems. Using the consciousness of different stages of life “it is the individual’s ability to live through and be transformed by the crisis (from base metal to gold as in the alchemist’s crucible) that differentiates the leader from the rest” (Whitmore & Einzig).

The shamanic approach will help you focus your attention creatively onto the shifts that are already cautiously emerging in your live. The holistic approach will support you to find your personal empowerment and integrate it into your private and working life, into your exchange with other people.