Shamanism of the East

Shamanism of the East


000 Xamana de tengeri

This workshop is dedicated to the practice of shamanic rituals from the East. Specifically from Buryatia, Siberia where shamanic activity is especially alive today.

000 Xaman Tengeri

Initiatic rite of Buryat shamans with herbs and hot liquid and hot stone

The most complex initiation ceremony … is that of the Buriatos. After the first ecstatic experiences (dreams, visions, dialogues with the spirits, etc.), the apprentice prepares for long years, in solitude, instructed by old masters and especially by the one who will later be its initiator and who is called the ” Father shaman “. Also among the Buryat people, the initiation is the public demonstration of the mystic capacities of the candidate, followed by the consecration by the master, rather than a true revelation of the mysteries. Eliade, M. (1996). Shamanism and the archaic techniques of ecstasy. Mexico: Economic Culture Fund.