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  • Empagenia of the South

    Empagenia of the South: Can compassion and empathy heal? Compassion: To suffer with another; recognition of another’s suffering that often activates the desire to help….

  • Shamanic Activation and Coaching

    Two essential topics: shamanism and coaching. We will bring them together and you will learn to develop techniques which will enable you to apply the…

  • Empagenia or the Source of Compassion

      Empagenia is a term especially coined by Magda Solé to describe the source and origin of the deep power of the therapist, shaman and…

  • Shamanism across Cultures

      Through anthropological rigor and the “naive” outlook of the scientist in unknown territory, without preconceptions or prejudices, we enter to investigate the world of…

  • Spiritual Traditions

    Descripción Combinando teoría y práctica este taller se divide en dos partes. En la primera parte del taller haremos una revisión de las diferentes tradiciones…

  • TransPersonal Management – The 6 pillars of Coaching

    Transpersonal Management: the six pillars of professional, personal, social and spiritual life-oriented coaching Directed by Jaume Mestres, coach and trainer of trainers. Institute of Transpersonal…

  • (Español) Perelandra, Coaching Transpersonal


  • Cognitive basis of transpersonal psychology

    Descripció Despertar la visió espiritual. Veure clarament i reconèixer el sagrat en tot No veiem les coses com són, sinó com som, diu el Talmud….